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Pulled Pork Ribs

This is an easy paleo (or paleo plus beer if you are us) recipe. If you are hardcore paleo or gluten intolerant, just substitute the two beers for an equal amount of chicken or beef broth. It will taste almost as good, but you will burn in hell (not if […]

Pre-cooking prep

Monday night dinner

Monday night dinner: The easy paleo meal 6

I love food. I love all kinds of flavors, and when I have time to make up something wonderful and complicated I enjoy the process and the results. But sometimes it is Monday night, and I am hungry as hell, tired and in need of food. I fight the urge […]

8 Irish movies and paleo-ish meals for St Patrick’s Day 9

If you want to get your green on at home with a few friends – of Irish heritage, or at least somebody in the room will be 1/4 Irish – we have pulled together a collection of recipes and Irish movies for those of you who don’t have the stomach […]

Irish Movies

To Your Health!

The key to staying healthy and fit is maintaining balance. What the hell does that mean, anyway? Let’s start off with the 10,000 foot view. What you put into your body, how you train your body, and how you go about recovering from the stresses you put on your body all […]