About Us

About Rob

After a youth defined mostly by sloth, Rob joined the Navy and ended up as an EOD Technician for 10 years. He was, as the cliché would have it, whipped into shape by the military, and loved diving, jumping out of planes and blowing things up. After that he left the military, studied at UCLA and became a financial advisor. He did this for a couple of years, and one day decided that it sucked. He joined the Army, earned his doctorate in Physical Therapy from Army Baylor University, and since then has been the Physical Therapist with one of those Army units that jumps out of planes for a living. He likes to stay fit, loves to eat, and has a love hate relationship with sleep (loves it when he gets enough, hates it when he doesn’t). What he really enjoys is helping others stay healthy while pursuing their athletic endeavors.

About Petra

See Petra eat. See Petra train. See Petra sleep. That pretty much sums her up, as she has always been very focused on whatever she is doing at any particular moment. She danced ballet as a kid, got very into running, then yoga in her mid-twenties, and for about 5 years has focused her efforts on Crossfit, both as an athlete and a coach. She enjoys getting stronger and faster every year, and loves helping others learn about how to incorporate functional fitness into their lives.